In knowing that we know God, we are able to obey his commandments and His love is perfected in us.

In knowing we abide in God, we walk as He walked. Whoever does the will of the father abides forever. To receive from God we must : obey his commandments and please him. What is the commandments? 1.That we should believe on the name of His son Jesus Christ. 2. Love one another. In Keeping His commandments: we abide in Him, he abides in us, we’ll be able to do His will and then live forever!!!

In knowing the Spirit of God, we test the spirits. Every spirit that confesses that Jesus came in the spirit is of God. The spirit of the Antichrist doesn’t confess that Jesus came in the Flesh. We are able to overcome the Antichrist because He that is in us is greater than he who is in the world. The carnal world hears and obeys the Antichrist. Those who know that we are of God hear us. To know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error we must identify those that hear us and those that don’t.

In knowing God, we love. God’s love is perfected in us. Whoever received a perfected love abides in God and also has God abiding in him or her. What is perfected love? The love that casts out fear.

In knowing we’ve being converted, we love the brethren. What is love? Love laid His life down for us, His brethren. Love is not word but deed. Jesus is the perfect example of love, to die for those who people who, hated, insulted and were capable of committing murder. He didn’t die for them when they were all clean and polished, but when they were joyfully swimming in the mud.

In knowing that we love God, we love his children. Anyone who loves God loves His children. We can say we love the children of God when we love God and keep His commandments. If we genuinely obey God we can’t miss loving His other children. He teaches us how to even pray for our enemies and wish them well. That is the love of God, “that all men may be saved, loving the unlovable and caring for the care-less’’

Prayer: Thank you Father for the opportunity to know you, open my eyes and mind to your word and will, in Jesus Name Amen