“Jesus Lover of My Soul” is a timeless and beloved hymn that has touched the hearts of many for generations. Written by Charles Wesley, an influential English hymn writer, the song was first published in 1740. It is a heartfelt expression of devotion and trust in Jesus Christ, acknowledging Him as the ultimate source of love, comfort, and refuge. With its gentle melody and powerful lyrics, “Jesus Lover of My Soul” continues to resonate with listeners, reminding them of the unwavering love and grace of Jesus in their lives. Whether sung in churches, gatherings, or in personal moments of reflection, this song invites individuals to find solace and strength in their faith in Jesus, who remains a constant and unwavering companion in every season of life.

This is a personal meditation and reflection of the song. Kindly make time to review the song and take notes of all the revelations you receive.

Jesus Lover of my soul; you Jesus are the one who loves my emotions, mind and will. You alone wants what’s best for me. My soul is precious to you, you put in all efforts to keep my soul sound.

I will never let you go; how can you let someone who loves your peace, joy, happiness go? I’ve taken hold of The Prince of Peace because He has taken hold of me

You’ve taken me from the miry clay; you pulled me out from the sinking sands, a place of shame, gilt, cast aside, torment and destruction. A place of condemnation where I couldn’t lift my head.

And set my feet upon the rock; you released me from all my guilt and shame, lifted and securely set me on a higher place, where there’s no view of past shame.

Now I know; I can’t forget your Benefits, they are great and wondrous in my sight.

I love you; your presence makes me sure . I have come to know you, see you and now I am found of you and bold say “I love you”.

I need you; I don’t want to run out of your peace and love, You are sufficient for me.

Though my world my fall; things may happen around me, people may change around me, temptations may come my way, but I won’t let you go. I know when I focus on the world your light, love and presence will grow dim.

My savior; you didn’t leave me to wallow in in the miry clay but delivered me because you love me.

My closest friend; yes you are, you have proven to me that, you will never leave me nor forsake me in this unstable world which seems to fall apart and fail.

I will worship you; I will adore you I will cherish you, I will love you and your presence

Until the very end; ooh I am made of a body, soul and spirit, I know my body will die out but my soul and spirit will remain with you, I will actually wait for the end but it wont come because I am in you and you are with me.

Thank you Jesus