The ground can never boast of fruitfulness without your addition of the last element, Rain. Without this spontaneous outpouring of water, the ground can never be fruitful no matter how rich it is in precious minerals and nutrients. Even though it was cursed because of Mans sin, it is still exceedingly grateful because the catalyst of fruitfulness wasn’t withheld.

God never took the means of fruitfulness from creation. Nature knows the essence of fruitfulness. Without fruitfulness extinction is inevitable. A fowl that doesn’t lay in her season is tormented even to the point of death by the brood, this is same for other creatures.

Even nature knows! Ooh the Fig Tree!

Your life is not worth living if you are not Fruitful. Nature will always find a way to delete your existence. Passiveness bears no good fruits but Fulfilling what hasn’t been done does. Therefore, as children of The Most High it’s our nature to be essentially fruitful, in whatever we do. We have the means! Good fruits remain, bad fruits brings frustration and oppression.

Our life should be worth living!!! God will always rain down the ability of growth and multiplication. At least try, and you’ll be amazed with what He can do with a small seed. Ooh Mustard, show me your seed, and show me your tree. The difference is vast. The principles are set. The status and words of the creator upon his creation are active and alive. Whoever finds them and fulfills them will walk in Fruitfulness.