Hebrews 13:8. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever

In a life which has proved from centuries past to present with many uncertainties, revealing faces of diversity, seasoned with a progressively changing picture, different from the first one acknowledged, man becomes burried in an insurmountable doubt about what tomorrow holds.

Yearly we are presented with a new number like 2019, 2020 or 2021, we meet people who show the highest degree of care on the first day of encounter then pour out rage and hate the next, a day where riches rain like hale and another where bread crumbs are the only remaining meal.

Life is diverse so as the people, differently coloured, height, race, etc all created by one sovereign creator who has a distinct nature of being consistent in all He does.

He who is diverse, able to meet us at the point of our needs, being lovely, kind, gently, merciful, jealous etc in all is unchanging in who he is. God doesn’t stop being, merciful or loving or patient, He is the light and in him thers no darkness. He will always remain as He is.

He is able to maintain our lot, keep us as ever lovely, ever kind as we want to be. Let us throw off our glance from the fleeting and focus on the Eternal, unending and unchanging love of God.

Prayer: My father i thank you for caring for me all through these years. Help me focus on your unchanging love for me and the world in every good or bad experience. Amen