Individualism, personalization and privacy has caused us to be silent on the most important elements of life, even our once cherished morality. Its now wrong to correct people who are going wayward. Everyone is becoming silent and adjusting to the new era. Children of God, no matter the position these persons hold, it’s our duty to speak to them. It’s deadly for the people around you to be silent when you are doing the wrong things.

Church let’s speak up and help one another. We sometimes hear rumors of people and we pretend as if we don’t know, we allow them to go through all the hurts, addictions, sexual sins, disappointments even shame alone. No matter what they did or are doing let us speak life into their lives. Let’s meet them and let them know we know what their going through. It’s only gossip when you keep murmuring the issues behind the person. Don’t go interrogating, but rather encouraging them.

We can’t keep pretending everything is fine when we can clearly see people being buffeted, and yet we claim we are going into heaven together. Let’s stop watching people roll into pits. Please no matter the position I hold, no matter how proud I look, don’t be silent on me. Even if it hurts, let me know. With this, I know you care about my well being.

I will also alert you when you are doing the wrong things.,